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Bunny Ice Cream sticker sheet

Bunny Ice Cream sticker sheet

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It’s a bunny ice cream party!

This cute sheet has seven matte vinyl stickers with a pastel purple background and festive rainbow confetti.

Stickers included:

Cherry bunnies - two red cherry bunnies on a green stem. The left bunny is sleeping and the right is giving a soft smile.
Ice cream bar bunny - a happy chocolate-dipped bunny ice cream bar on a wooden popsicle stick.
Double scoop bunnies - top scoop is a cheery cookies & cream and bottom scoop is a vexed coffee. They sit in a golden-brown waffle cone.
Bunana sundae bunnies - a scoop of chocolate with caramel sauce, vanilla with berry sauce (crowned with a little cherry), and strawberry with chocolate sauce, sitting atop a laid out banana bunny in a little blue dish. 
Dropped waffle cone bunny - mint chocolate chip that was sadly dropped and is shedding a few tears. His little waffle cone looks like a hat!
Sugar cone bunny - a jolly cookie dough ice cream bunny in a yummy sugar cone
Bunana - a half-peeled, but happy, bunana

Phew, that’s a lot of sugar!

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