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These Things

Pumpkin Boi Layin' vinyl sticker

Pumpkin Boi Layin' vinyl sticker

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This lil pumpkin boi wants to know… What’cha thinkin’ ‘bout?

This glossy vinyl sticker features a sparkly-eyed, orange pumpkin-headed boy laying down and kicking his legs. He has curly green vines by his stem and wears a clown costume that has two patterns; one side is black with orange stars and the other is orange with black stripes. There are black ruffles on the collars of the neck, arms, and legs. He also dons petite white slippers and gloves.

Inspired by vintage Halloween decor.

Weather-resistant sticker measures 3”x2.25”

All illustrations and designs © Amy K Nalley/These Things

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